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Manhattan is known around the world as the premier city for finance, fashion, art, shopping, and perhaps one of the most diverse nightlife scenes in the world. Manhattan's nightlife is incredibly vibrant, offering something for everyone. From world-renowned clubs, and bars to cozy lounges, and speakeasies within the city never sleeps. You can find live music performances, stand-up comedy shows, broadway productions, rooftop bars with stunning views, underground dance parties, and trendy nightclubs catering to various music genres, and tastes. The energy is electric, and the options are endless, making Manhattan a nightlife hotspot for locals, and visitors alike.  So check out below some our preferred picks in Manhattan...

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Marquee Nightclub is a premier New York City nightclub that attracts celebrities, world-class DJs, and partygoers from all over the globe for some of the industry’s most extravagant events. The monumental 5,000-square-foot destination offers an immersive party experience with extensive lighting, an elevated DJ booth, video, and laser systems to enhance the diverse musical talent headlining the venue. It is one of the most consistent, longstanding nightlife venues in Manhattan, and still commands some of the biggest DJ's in the country. 

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Le Bain, located at the top of The Standard, High Line in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, is a trendy rooftop bar, and nightclub known for its spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline, and the Hudson River. Le Bain is a unique penthouse discothèque attracting the who's who of Manhattan's nightlife circle. The venue features a unique interior with black walls, and a jacuzzi inside, complete with a classic disco ball above it. The outdoor terrace, lined with artificial grass, and lounge furniture, offers a more relaxed ambiance

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Nebula New York City is a monstrous 11,000 square foot multilevel nightclub near the heart of Times Square Manhattan. Designed to offer an immersive experience, Nebula's standout feature is its dynamic ceiling, composed of six massive video panels that can move and tilt to create different atmospheres. This allows the space to transform nightly, providing guests with a unique visual and auditory experience each visit. The club is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and regularly hosts top-tier DJs from across the electronic music spectrum 

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Tao Nightclub located in Downtown Manhattan is tucked away within the grandeur of TAO's Downtown restaurant. It is a hidden gem, and “in the know” nightclub oasis nestled in Downtown New York City. Separate from the restaurant, the 2500 sq foot drinks-only lounge has kept a low-key profile attracting VIPS and celebrities for late-night cocktails, music, and dancing. So if you're looking to grab dinner with friends and follow it up with a night of dance and good music in one of NYC's hottest spots, Tao Nightclub Downtown is a solid choice.

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